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What Happened to CA weather?

Hey guys, can anyone tell me what happened to the California weather? I’m in total shock at this cool front that’s been coming through southern California lately. So much so that I had to break out my faux leather pants. It wasn’t too cold when we decided to take a stroll to the local art museum but it was chilly enough for me. Coming from the Midwest, I don’t care for the cold weather. I left it where it needs to stay…LOL

With my leather leggings, I put on this casual t-shirt I found on clearance at Ross by Young and Reckless and a black bomber jacket. While walking, we found some pretty dope spots that you’ll see in the photos below.

In other new, have you guys checked out The J.A.R Show on YouTube? It’s featuring three of the brightest kids you will ever see on your screen that aren’t in a scripted series. AND, they belong to my husband and myself. I Know. It’s pretty wild. Check it out. below.

Comment below what you guys think of this crazy weather and how you’re staying warm. I almost changed out my entire wardrobe to spring because it had gotten some warm and beautiful. But I guess I made the right decision on procrastinating. LOL.

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