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Gospel Rap Group- The Godsquad

Keith Webb aka Kardiac:

Started out as a solo artist. In parallel to his music career he was caught up in illegal drugs that nearly sent him on a downward spiral. But one day his sister Grace invited him to witness his niece get baptized. “I went thinking that I would only see my niece get baptized… I was wrong. Little did I know that the message being preached would cause me to give my life to Jesus that evening.” However, Keith still went home feeling like the same musical failure and drug addict that he had been when he went into the church. But a dream that night changed his life as he saw the Lord kissing him and letting him know that everything would be okay.

Keith notes that the dream scare him but he vowed to change his life. He began attending church regularly with full dedication to Jesus. With his faith ahead of him, he then had the desire to change his musical lyrics to be less secular. This was challenging but he got through the change with prayers and his obstacle became easier as time went on.  He later met two other souls, Skool & The Messenger who shared the same passion for music as himself. “With all the members being in place, we simply needed a name. Shortly after, God Squad was born. Soldiers dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, through music.”


Marlowe Currie aka The Messenger

Comes by way of Saint Louis, Missouri who started rapping for the Lord a few years ago. “Christ has brought me through my storm to save souls through music. My motivation is very simple, it’s God!”


Anthony Harrison aka Skool

Started rapping at the age of 10. He was inspired by his father and friends who used to have rap sessions in the basement.  He too overcame some obstacles that challenged his talents. “At first I wanted to quit but the passion I had for rap couldn’t quit.”  His early rap career did not consist of such holy gospel until God came into his life and changed his vision. He describes that his passion for rapping completely dissipated when he was first saved. This put him on a two year hiatus from his talent until he met another member of the GodSquad, Grace. After getting to know Grace along with her brother Kardiac, he felt his  mission to minister through the music had began.


Be sure to follow the GodSquad, the Christian Ministry Group, in which rapping is their way to gravitate to the youth and whomsoever else is broken.

Instagram – godsquad_

Twitter – @GodSquad007
Facebook – @Godsquad14



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