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The Gallery: Of A Mind With No Money & No Backing | Audiobook Coming Soon!

What’s up guys,

It is my honor to be able to announce to you that the audiobook to The Gallery: Of A Mind With No Money & No Backing will soon be available for you to listen to exclusively on Youtube. Yes, its true. You will not have to worry about downloading a new app and creating an account nor will you have to worry about signing up for the membership of the very popular app

Nimo has a very special voice that will be reading his audiobook that is from his 14 year old daughter, Jaimie.

He states that in the process of teaching his children about business he thought what better person to test his fool-proof methods on then his daughter. Jaimie read the book prior to it’s official release in May 2016 from which she enjoyed getting to know about starting a business. In addition, Nimo notes that he also belives it’s just a dope concept and collab to have his daughter apart of something major in his entrepreneurship.

I couldn’t agree more. So looking forward to hearing it.

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