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Fitness Routine with Me

Hey guys. Happy Sunday. I don’t know about you all but who likes to go to the gym on Sundays? Certainly not me. However, since I’ve been actively working out about 2-4 times a week for the last 2.5 months I feel that I can say, Sundays are okay to workout. They give you the feeling that you’re starting the week fresh and plus your body looks damn good after you do.

I’m a mom of three and I’m not even 33 years old. I have tried countless exercise routines over the years since I’ve had my children and they only seem to work out minimally. But, I’ve never actually worked out as routine as I have this time around. I have graciously increased my water intake. I don’t drink soda or add excess sugar to my coffee or food items. I don’t snack, however peanut M&Ms are my favorite and I can binge eat them at the drop of a dime.

I believe I have a wonderful workout partner, my husband who encourages me throughout the entire gym workout, especially when I want to quit and call it a day. That too is a key component to keeping on track with exercising. And by the way, I hate diets and do not follow them in my meal plans. No extra supplements, no protein drinks or powders….Nothing extra. Just water, workout and eat…regular food. No fast food because we all know by now how unhealthy it is. So, we cook…a lot.

Listed below are just a few exercises that I do every time I workout regardless of what the day is.

Eliptical 6 minutes

10lbs free weight to work biceps and triceps 3 sets of 10

weighted core strengthening with 5lb weight- counting to 20 20lb dead lift with free weight- count to 20

shoulder press with 40lbs- 3 sets of 10

My results are looking amazing and I couldn’t be prouder. I don’t monitor weight loss because it just comes back in muscle and I’m not the type of person to let the scale dictate me or run my life. I have weight the same thing with a 2-3lb difference for the last 7 years and I feel amazing. Here are my latest results.

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