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Entrepreneurs| Moses Bogere – Founder Of Music Platform – Syncup

Forget what we selling , what are we making…….

We all know by now how important platforms are especially music platforms. Mr. Bogere is a young entrepreneur from Florida that has created a platform out of pure necessity for music and creators to thrive. The last 2 years his head has been down creating and fixing anything that has to do with his new venture, I personally think his platform is not only dope but very much needed. I preach about creating platforms and generational wealth, and this young man actually get it, way earlier than most of us did.

I personally approve this upcoming site and had great conversations with this young man about his moves, and let me tell you he’s a young genius in the making. I never plug anything I don’t truly believe in so this should speak for itself. This platform is the new wave to collab with other artist all around the world while promoting yourself, if you like the other platforms that already exist you’re going to love Syncup!

The Syncup beta is live right now!!!! go check it out: ( and if you want to leave any comments or how can it improve hit: ( and tell him I sent you.


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