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Comfy Style for the Fall Season

Hey guys, the fall season is setting in and the air is getting thin and chilly. I love it. It’s amazing compared to what the midwest and east coast are getting.  Living in SoCal has been glorious with the weather. So, I am giving you a different spin on a few fashion pieces.

I did a little research on what was fashionable and trendy yet still something I would wear in my personal wardrobe and I found these four look.

TOP: Tapered dress slacks, Shell-Toe Adidas, Square Clutch purse, Graphic Tee and Blazer. 

BOTTOM: Faux Leather, large infinity scarf, fitted fatigue pants, strapy heel sandal.

















Over-sized black/white button blouse, large sweater, medium purse, distressed black denim, ankle high booties.

















BOTTOM: Over-sized vintage Guess T-Shirt, biker shorts, fresh Air max 97 “Metallic Gold”

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