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Claudia Jordan Booted Off 'Real Housewives of ATL'

Claudia Jordan has gotten the ax off Real Housewives of Atlanta after just one season and it apparently caught her off guard. Bur was this all because of NeNe Leakes?According to TMZ, they we’re told that producers gave her the boot last week.

Jordan seemed to heat up this past season because of her beef with a few cast mates, like Phaedra Parks and particularly Mrs. Leakes. I suppose NeNe wasn’t having it and since she’s stood the test of time and also 7 seasons of pure drama, she put her foot down and now we say fairwell to Ms. Jordan.

The new season begins filming next month in ATL but Bravo hasn’t decided if Claudia can come back for guest appearances, or ask Kenya for more help on cleaning her house with her.

On Saturday morning, she posted a short Twitter message – ‘Wait what?!?’ – followed by several emojis crying tears of laughter.

claudia jordan tweet

I think NeNe can do without this drama for next season. I’m sure she’s not really sad.



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