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City Of Flight Jordans Look | Inspired by PressedATL owner

Hey guys, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a post dedicated to my kicks collections. Believe, I’ve missed it. But do you agree, there just hasn’t been many dope kicks drop recently? Besides the Airmax customs by Sean, we haven’t seen anything authentic and different. I personally don’t like to buy the same shoe everyone… Read More City Of Flight Jordans Look | Inspired by PressedATL owner

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Beauty | Kicks | Art presents Top 5 Kicks in Rotation Pt. 2

Hey guys, Nimo and I have finally created an updated top 5 kicks in rotation for the Youtube channel. Make sure you check it out and tell us your favorite pair out of the video and also if you picked up some Nike’s for Airmax Day. It will be live at 6pm today. Top 5 Kicks… Read More Beauty | Kicks | Art presents Top 5 Kicks in Rotation Pt. 2

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Courtside with Adidas & Nimo

Hey guys, I know…it’s been a minute. Life has just been rolling but I promise I won’t leave you hanging. Since the weather warmed up here in SoCal I had to re-evaluate my closet and swap of my winter gear for my summer gear. So, here’s the perfect example of clothing transition. I decided to wear… Read More Courtside with Adidas & Nimo

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Beauty | Kicks | Art presents Nimo’s Latest Fashion Pickups

Hey guys. Back at it again with more content then you’ve asked for. Nimo was happy to share his latest fashion pickups with us all and I think his cops were pretty dope. From sweaters to outerwear to sneakers. He had a it all in just a short period of time of this video. So… Read More Beauty | Kicks | Art presents Nimo’s Latest Fashion Pickups

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Kicks Of the Day | Kids | Nike

What’s up guys. Today’s feature for Beauty | Kicks | Art is a little different. I’m highlighting a #KidsOnFeet. When we are styling and shooting photos for my husband and myself, I’ve casually debated on shooting my kids for a few youth photos but you know how savage the internet can be, plus I like… Read More Kicks Of the Day | Kids | Nike

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A Sea of Red with Nimo

Coming to you again with another beauty | Kicks | art post but today its featuring a pair of my favorite Jordans from all times. Now, you can browse through my IG feed and see that I’ve actually posted a look with these kicks a few times but I’ve never actually written about them here… Read More A Sea of Red with Nimo

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Fall Into Sporty Fashion

Hey guys, I decided to mix up the fashion because as you know, I’m thrilled that it’s totally fall weather finally…on most days anyway. So, this will likely be my last opportunity to sport these very distressed jeans that I picked up from Rue21 at the tail end of summer. I paired them with this… Read More Fall Into Sporty Fashion

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The Days Are Getting Shorter

Hey guys. It seems as though the days are passing in the blink of an eye lately. The sun has already began darkening ahead of 8pm like “normal” and I don’t know if I can take it. Sunlight shines it’s essence on all things and I love long days. So, as the days are inevitably… Read More The Days Are Getting Shorter

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Dope In All Black

There’s something about being in all black for me. I’m sure other females can attest to that, right ladies? On another note, its crazy how my hair has started to spill out of my scalp with growth. If you don’t remember, I did the huge chop in March. It was super low in the back… Read More Dope In All Black

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Peach N’ Pumas

Hey guys, This is a super late upload but sometimes you have to pace your audience. The look below was a simple weekend errands look and comfort was needing. The top was purchased at Forever 21 last spring and I just decided to wear it. Black leggings are a staple in my wardrobe in addition… Read More Peach N’ Pumas