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Car Chronicles | Subject: Hip Hop

Hey guys, I know. It’s been a minute huh. Well, that’s what happens when the year changes, my birthday comes around and before you know it, it’s February. I really enjoyed giving you guys a peek into a more personal side of myself with my last video 51 Question. It was so fun. So, I’m giving you another peek into a more personal conversation with the hubs and myself, subject being Hip Hop.

We had a brief discussion about the status of hip hop today. In 2018 it’s really hard to say and it’s a topic I haven’t discussed in a long time, especially here on heatherbnyce.com.

As you all know, I used to cover the news, status and more pertaining to the hip hop industry and I’ve totally moved away from the topic but every now and then, I do continue these topics with my husband. So, here it is. Tell me what you think about the status of hip hop today.

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