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A Blushing Holiday Season | BKA Holiday Outfit Series #5

Hey guys, I cannot believe it is only 12 days left before Christmas Day. Are you all excited for the reason of the season.

I wanted to know how you all felt about the mayheim that happens around the holiday season. What I mean by that is the gift buying and crazy toy shopping that goes on. Personally, we only really shop for three little people and in 2017, kids don’t want for much, especially at the age mines are. So, I’ll wait last minute to get some tech merch out the way and boom, we’re done.

The holidays in my household usually consist of loud music, food and laughter.

With that being said, I bring you my next look. I pulled my short hair back a bit for this look. I felt this is exactly what I’d wear to a family function that my oldest family members were at. The sophistication of the sweater that was purchased at Forever 21 tones down the loud, bright colors of the holiday season. I put on a pair of black slacks with a pair stringy blushing mauve chunky heels, also from Forever 21.

I hope you guys are enjoying the series of holiday outfits. Leave a comment below with which has been your favorite look so far and if you’ve finished your holiday shopping.