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BKA Presents | Holiday Outfit Series #3

Hey guys and happy holidays. I can’t believe we’re already just about done with the first week of December. There are 19 more days left until Christmas. WHAT!!! Have you already started holiday shopping or do you even do such a thing. We don’t as much anymore since the kids have gotten older plus, what do you get kids that have everything. The youth these days are all into technology and so the toys that I used to play with or maybe you used to play with are totally uninterested to them.

And, now is also the perfect time for those holiday pictures. Are you guys taking family pictures? If you are, at me in them on Instagram so that I can see all of your lovely families. We take alot of pictures in general, but we don’t plan to do any photos by those cheesy mall photographers with the weird faux backgrounds. LOL. No offense if you’re going that route.

Below I feature the hubs. Have seen him in a while huh? We paired these outfits together but it was only halfway intentional. Most of the time we do photo shoots we try to correlate just to make sure the photo makes since but there is typically a few differences. Be sure to check out the first 2 outfits that I previously posted for more inspiration.

On Him: Plaid distressed button-up, distressed denim and Pony Shoes (Customized by Himself)

On Me: Plaid button-up top, Faux-Leather Skirt, patent-leather heals. I kept the make up simple but slight sparkly for the holiday feels.

I opted to tie the shirt instead of tucking it for a fun, spring weather vibe that we have here in southern California.

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