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Big Chop

Hey guys. Yes. I did it! I went through with the big chop. I’ve previously chopped my hair but not in like 4 years and I don’t remember being this short. But it’s so freeing and empowering. For me as an African-American woman to not be bound by the ties of my hair is revolutionary.

In the AA culture, women pride themselves on the length and texture of their hair, and at the same time, not fully embracing themselves or their true culture. Well, I do. I am more than my hair and I hope that this inspires you if you’re thinking of doing the big chop. Let it go girl.

On another note, here is the first look I didn’t since I chopped it all off a week ago!  White button-up:H&M, Distressed jeans: American Eagle, Sandals: Sheikh Shoes, Purse: Rampage, Sunnies: MO’ Eye wear.  Click a pic to see it larger then scroll away.


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