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Nimo Releases New Book + New Interview

Nimo knows how to keep us guessing and on our toes every minute. Find me an artist that is doing it all 100% himself and that has time to write/record new tracks for his upcoming album, film interviews, photo shoots, paint and write a book. Yes, he has written a book ladies and gents and its available for purchase today.

In the interim of writing and recording for his newest album, Nimo found the time to drop some of his words to live by and insightful self-help knowledge in a book titled The Gallery: Of A Mind With No Money and No Backing. Its geared towards anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur and how to stay focused when starting from the ground up.

I, of course, had the opportunity to read this convenient and straight to the point book and found it uplifting, inspiring and motivational. Talk may be cheap but the wisdom Nimo delivers in this work of art isn’t. Click the link to purchase today and check out the interview Nimo and myself did together as he gives us hints of what we can expect in the book and his upcoming album.


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