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BFTP: R.U.M.O.R.S (Relying Upon Music Over Regular S##t) Pics + Video


R.U.M.O.R.S (Relying upon music over regular s##t) is an independent hip-hop group from Chicago. The members include: J-Menace, Thad Lu, Goonie Da Godd, Mz.Legit and King Kwan. These artists all represent the areas of Chicago,East Chicago and Indiana. The 5 artists have sounds that are unique to rap, soul, and rock and since forming the group, they have become one of the most talked about acts in Chicago.

This group has more potential then I’ve seen in a long time. And to hold it together with five different personalities and styles of flow they are proving to the world that hip-hop groups are making a come back.  Continue reading to find out more about the artists’ individually along with a recent video performance.

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