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Art Piece Friday | Swizz Beatz & His 19FT. Tall Kaws Doll | Art Installation

Welcome to Art Piece Friday…..


This week is all about the legendary producer, art connoisseur Swizz Beatz and his incredibly tall Kaws in his home. Even tho this sculpture was in installed in 2013 it’s still an amazing piece that took a month to completely finish. It’s very impressive that a piece that large can even fit in his home and the fact the the piece is an original Kaws piece, completely dope.


Swizz have even started “The Dean Collection” that have helped thousands of  artist get thier worth as they do what they love. It still isn’t clear how much a piece this size cost, but what is clear it’s not cheap. This art piece is everything of the word art and imgination, you can always visit the room with the 19 foot tall Kaws on @therealswizzz and see him dance, listen to music and even skate. Once again dope!


See you next Friday, no Ice Cube

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