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Art Piece Friday | Pharrell Williams & His Designed Chairs | Tank And Leg Chairs

Welcome to Art Piece Friday…..

This week is all about Producer and designer Pharrell’s tank and leg chairs he designed. Well for those sleeping under a rock and don’t know who this man is he is a producer that teamed up with Chad Hugo and created the production crew The Neptunes, born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Mr. Williams has went on to create “Billionaire Boys Club” clothing line, Adidas sneakers and even created a multi media outlet of fashion, art, and music that’s called I am Other. Even tho I think people slept on these chairs that was designed in 2009 it’s still a dope honorable mention.


These chairs that Pharrell designed was before it’s time and never really got a chance to catch on, but I think it’s a dope concept and design that I would love in my house. I don’t know if these chairs are still for sale but if they are I still want one.



See you next Friday, no Ice Cube




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