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Art Piece Friday | Noel Hart – Glass-blowing Artist

Welcome to art piece Friday……..

This week art piece Friday is all about Noel Hart and his glass making, which is incredibly dope.  Noel Hart is an Australian artist that also does dope paintings but his first love is glass creating. For a man who has been doing this art for 30 years he’s still creative with it.

I personally love the process of glass making and if you guys go on YouTube check it out yourself, pretty tedious work. All the colors in the glass and different patterns equal to pieces that you can look at with awe and also enjoy in your home for years to come. Great job! Noel and if you ever travel make sure you check out his entire collection in Wales, Australia. Also, be sure to follow him on Instagram @NoelHartartworks.


see you guys next Friday , no ice cube

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