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Art Piece Friday | Nina Chanel Abney – Painter | Untitled Art

Welcome to Art Piece Friday…..

This Friday segment is all about Nina Chanel which is a very talented black female artist that was born and raised in the city of Chicago, which most of you guys know is my hometown as well. This particular piece we’re showing speaks volumes to the racial tension in the world as well as the media alarming us 24/7 about any and everything. Her art makes you think and to be a great artist, not just a good one, you have to give people visions of opinion to start to create dialogue.

Please don’t sleep on this incredible artist give her love while she’s in her bag. All of her piece’s are conscious driven with a splash of fun and enthusiasm. This art piece speak on plenty levels but one sticks out to me and that’s the gun violence that we all have control over and Nina spoke with her utensils that this epidemic need to be addressed and addressed immediately. Great job! NIna Chanel keep inspiring, a lot of Nina Chanel artwork can be seen in Jack Shainman Gallery in New York which she resides.


see you next Friday, no ice cube..

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