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Art Piece Friday | Nathaniel Mary Quinn & His Mixed Media Paintings | Chicago’s Very Own

Welcome to Art Piece Friday……


This week is all about Nathaniel Mary Quinn, a painter born and raised in Chicago public housing on the West side. Mr. Quinn has done an exceptional job at paintings and drawings of collaged and fragmented figures, through which he demonstrates that we are all the sum of our experiences. A lot of his images are from articles and advertisements, for Mr. Quinn they are portraits of his fractured family and images of our multi faceted selves.


I have never seen a unique painter express in this way, I personally think it’s very transparent of him and honest. It’s not what you see all the time which make it even doper, he truly have some really impressive pieces if you give yourself time to depict and understand his work. Myself a kid coming from Chicago inner city I feel his work even more. If you would like to purchase any of Mr. Quinn work just Google “artsy” and sign up for all his present and past work for sale, trust me it’s dope.


See next Friday, no Ice Cube


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