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Art Piece Friday | Mr. Doodle

Welcome to Art Piece Friday…….

This Art Piece Friday is all about Mr. Doodle who’s real name is Sam from the U.K and his art is really dope and his style is a little bit like Keith Haring. Never the less its very interesting due to the fact it is just doodling. Alot of Mr. Doodle’s work can be found all over London in the form of murals.

I love art that’s unorthodox and Mr. Doodle’s art speak volumes to the word unorthodox. It’s very refreshing to see artists that can do what they love in a way that’s most comfortable to them. It’s fun art to look at and to watch the process of it being done.  I’m pretty sure you’ll see a lot more of his work and artist that mimic his work over time. Very dope art over all.

See you next Friday, no icecube

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