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Art Piece Friday | Kanye West X Bape | Collaboration sneaker from 2007

Welcome to Art Piece Friday…..

We will be talking about the Kanye West and Bape collaboration from 2007 that was dope then and even doper now. Can we all agree that Ye was ahead of his time knowing the brands that would still be a staple of today’s fashion world. The colorway of this sneaker was brilliant do to the fact it went along with his classic album “The college dropout”.

Kanye  and Bape knew something plenty of people didn’t know, and that was Kanye was a branding genius. It’s some exclusive places that still have this sneaker for a hefty price of $1,500.

The famous college dropout bear on the side of this sneaker is the first thing you notice which will automatically give you nostalgia to the album dope job from the designer’s Kanye and Nigo salute.

See you guys next friday no icecube.

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