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Art Piece Friday| Ghostface Killah Eagle-Bracelet Jewerly | Wu-Tang Legend

Welcome to Art Piece Friday….

This week is all about Ghostface Killah Eagle-Bracelet jewelry, but first let’s talk about who is Ghostface Killah? real name Dennis Coles, member of Wu-Tang and debuted his solo career with “Iron Man” in 1996 but one of my favorite albums from the icon rapper which is called “Supreme Clientele” is when I really knew he was dope. Now let’s talk about this iconic art piece jewelry.


First of all how much does this gold eagle bracelet weigh? And my research say around 4 pounds! this jewelry is something that I would do if I’m going to do it big! Although the bracelet is huge it still holds the irony to be looked at like a king, looks like something king Tut would have.


This is truly an Art Piece, I don’t know who made it or how much it cost but Ghostface dropping this piece around 1998 or 1999 was definitely different and still an iconic piece at least to me, to this day.


See you next Friday, no Ice Cube

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