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Art Piece Friday| DON C. & Wendy’s Clothing Collaboration| Designer


Welcome to Art Piece Friday….


This week is all about Don C. collaboration with the burger mega house Wendy’s. As we all know how involved Don C. is in the culture of inventing or reinventing. This past March the designer and burger chain teamed up to bring out a collection of food mixed with street wear, was it successful or not who knows but the concept was pretty dope.


The collection was created for March Madness basketball tournament, I felt it was genius to cross over food with brand clothing culture and even tho a lot of people thought it was corny from an art of marketing stand point it was rare and dope to me. Will I be in line for the Wendy’s hats, jersey’s or jackets probably not but great job to Wendy’s trying something new and innovative.


See you next Friday, no Ice Cube






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