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Art Piece Friday | Don C – Designer | Nike Air Force 1 high – Just Don’s

Welcome everyone to Art piece Friday…..

Today’s art piece Friday is all about Chicago’s very own Don C. real name Don Crawley. Let me start off by saying don killed this shoe in a great way! From the alligator skin on the Nike swoosh to the strap part, in my personal opinion the strap on the shoe is the dopest part, why you might ask, because on an old school Nike, aside from the Air 1’s highs or mid with the strap, no other Nike shoe had one. The collab with Nike and Don C. shouldn’t be a big surprise do to the fact that he been doing his thing with the Jordan brand for a while now. It’s only right to let this man design the Nike shoe, for a person like myself that was born and raised in Chicago and knew all about the buck-fifty hats that drug dealers could only afford brought great nostalgia to see him implicate it on the Nike collab.

If anyone is lucky to get their hands on this shoe keep it. This shoe is probably sold out worldwide for a retail of $225.00. I have seen Don C. collab with league hats, Jordans, and now Nike and I’m here to say its never a disappointment and not because he’s from Chicago but because everything he touch becomes dope art.

See you next Friday, no Ice cube.

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