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Art Piece Friday | Dominic Chambrone | The Shoe Surgeon

Welcome to Art Piece Friday….


This week is all about Dominic Chambrone better known as “The Shoe surgeon”. Mr. Chambrone began customizing shoes for friends in high school in Santa Rose, California, Mr. Chambrone went on to create many dope sneakers for various celebrities.


The Shoe surgeon is really a dope concept and dope work. All the work he has done has been completely art to me, some of his sneakers has sold nearly up to $10,000. Mr. Chambrone even has leased a office space in West Hollywood for $3,000 all weekend long for groups of 20 or 25 which is the shoe surgeon loyalist. I need a pair done sooner than later, too fresh.


See next Friday, no Ice Cube

Stay Positive!






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