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51 Questions with Heather B Nyce | Inspired by Vogue

Hey guys, I’m sure just about everyone around that has a computer has seen the very interesting 73 Questions with Vogue. They feature random celebrities and go around their house or town or wherever they are asking them a bunch of random questions. But, it really helps you get the know the celebrity more. It’s at times a little funny and can also be a little serious.

I was put to the test when it was suggested I do my own mini version of this skit that Vogue does on Youtube. If you know me, I rarely turn down an challenge even if I don’t want to do it. So, here it is, but I cut it down to 51 questions so there is some originality to it..LOL

In the video, I am heading to the mall to go shopping and I find myself being asked some random questions by this very handsome guy…the hubs. If you couldn’t guess by now the shame on you. Everyone knows he’s featured on just about everything.

Thanks for checking it out. Comment on my Instagram if you saw it and you’d like to see more videos like this.

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