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What Men That Can Dress Want From Women’s Fashion Choice??? | Women Keep It Simple & Comfortable | Comfortable And Sexy

Women Fashion Choice

Today were going to discuss about what men like me want from women that love fashion and their fashion choice, first off I am in no way trying to tell women what to wear, just idea’s of what women could wear and still look and feel super sexy with my p.o.v. Women now days want to feel sexy but also feel comfortable on the run, with that being said, me being a married man for over a decade I have personally seen my wife style change styles from all day office wear to comfortable urban dressed down wear with the most casual sneakers she have in her repertoire.

The number 1 thing you must have to be comfortable is “confidence” because as you exploit your confidence in your clothes it makes your fashion sense that much better. Ladies men love simplicity and home body feel where you guys go unless it’s upscale than you know to dress – up which should be easy but it’s hard for some women when it comes to everyday wear. Most women think you need to reveal a lot to have that fashion sense, less is more ladies and your kick game will make that fashionable man respect your dopeness on all levels, facts.

At this point in my life it comes natural to be fresh, but I know I’m super blessed when it’s effortless from your first lady as well. These fashion styles has always given men that’s fashionable an incredible sense of your character before you even open your mouth. The big brand names on shirts or tees is a no-no ladies, you don’t want that man think you’re all about material, keep it simple show your freedom without your skin and show your creative thoughtful side without the Balenciaga.

We all know this is the hype beast era doesn’t mean you have to be the biggest hype beast women (some) men with style hates that. We cool with Levi, and other not so pricey brands or my new dope brand I love mnmLA check them out as well.

Let’s wrap this up, we have learned a lot about what some men want from women and their fashion, if you not comfortable being comfortable that’s fine too, just know we have always loved you guys in our big tees in morning and night, so why not flip that look into your style and grace to not only be comfortable but sexy.

Stay Positive!!!!

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