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To Sew Or Not To Sew That Is The Question | Tailoring Is Key In Fashion | Cut & Sew




The thing about fashion or whatever your personal style is that you want it to fit right man or woman. Now do to how clothes fit on you, you never really think about alternating any of your wardrobe you probably just go buy a size up or down spending your hard earn money on more clothes for a better fit. You know how you be shopping and all of sudden you might see jeans, jacket or shirt that  might fit perfect, knowing you have that same piece at home just don’t fit as good.

The key is to save money stay in style and have personal touch to how you put it all together. Well here’s the tip if you have patience to thrift shop, everything now days is making a full circle of the styles we had in the 90’s and early 2000’s so………. Thrift! is the best way to go from rap tee’s to vintage jacket and jeans and I know what you thinking you might not like the fit, well this is where tailoring comes in big time!



When tailoring there’s no need to by extra clothes or more expensive clothes when you can buy dope vintage gear for cheap and get it fitted to your personal fit all for a low price.


  Now ask for me I literally just dropped some jeans off here in Los Angeles to a tailor, some tailor suits not me, I only tailor street urban wear. Shout out to the originator Dapper Dan! out of Harlem, New York. Dapper Dan was the first person I seen take street urban wear and make it not only fit right but create a splash of any imagination you can come up with all in the love of Gucci.



Now this is not for everybody but like the saying goes if you want something done right pay a tailor, well not the right saying but you get the picture lol


Stay Positive!!!!!


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