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Art Piece Fridays | Alexander Wang Adidas Aw Bball 6’s

WELCOME 2 ART PIECE FRIDAYS Mr. Wang out did his self with this particular sneaker, the Adidas Aw 6’s which is approximately $375.00. This sneaker is truly an art piece and a staple to how I feel they should create all sneakers; sturdy, stylish and a neutral color for all fashion to put with it. Luxury… Read More Art Piece Fridays | Alexander Wang Adidas Aw Bball 6’s

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A Sea of Red with Nimo

Coming to you again with another beauty | Kicks | art post but today its featuring a pair of my favorite Jordans from all times. Now, you can browse through my IG feed and see that I’ve actually posted a look with these kicks a few times but I’ve never actually written about them here… Read More A Sea of Red with Nimo


My Adidas

Remember the song by Run DMC? Check it out. I know, I’m throwing it way back with this song and it’s actually older then I am but it highlights the post for today. When I was a child, we were fond of the regular priced sneakers and the name brand expensive clothing. I didn’t own… Read More My Adidas

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Casual with Reebok Classics

Hey guys. Last week when the hubs and I felt like running the streets and doing a little shopping, I was totally in the mood for some casual wear. I almost put on leggings and a tshirt but I wanted to be more presentable and stylish with my bae. Last week I found these super… Read More Casual with Reebok Classics

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Kanye West and Adidas on for New York Fashion Week

Kanye West has tweeted out the floor plan to his runway or performing area for New York Fashion week that will be featuring his new YeezyBoost shoes. Many images were released via Instagram on his barber/close friends’ page at ibnjasper.