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Sneaker Shopping | Picking The Right Sneakers For A Dope Collection | My Hype No Hypebeast

Sneaker Shopping

Sneaker shopping is one thing that not only I love but my family love it also, but this is about building your own personal collection of dopeness. Now first off clear your mind of all that hypebeast shit and get real about your life and wallet! no offense. Right now for me I’m trying to build my top 50 of dopeness that I like repeat I like or love. It really never matter the brand for me but it does matter the price, listen re-sellers you will never get me on the resell price never!!!

I always try to cop sneakers of nostalgia things as a kid that take me back to time in life when life was simple before all this grown up stuff. I even got a pair of Etonics and if anyone know that brand or shoe when Hakeem the Dream dropped them would know you must have a dope style to even consider coping those sneakers.

I usually go with color first then style , I just don’t understand the people that cop all Jordan’s or Adidas or all Nike’s that’s not a collection that just a factory of that brand you paid for and store to show people there’s a difference. I always say pick what you like not what’s popular. You have to understand sneakers usually cycle around in time meaning they will drop again and again and again, so never feel bad for missing out on a pair due to money or something else more important.

Stay Positive!!!!

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