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My scary time at Sixflags/Magic mountain|Teens Corner Blog#1

So, My family and I recently went to Six flags/Magic mountain it was crazy! There were monster all over the place and it was pitch dark. I was so excited I couldn’t really even stand still. The first ride we got on ( Full Throttle) sucked I did not remember it being that scary, maybe its cause we never been on that ride in the dark all I know is that it hurt my stomach bad and I didn’t recover once I got off. I did skip a couple of rides here and there which was strange because I usually did all of them, but my stomach wasn’t feeling it. There were also monster popping out from all different places freaking me out. Also it was so dark I mean like u cant see a thing.Even though I skipped some rides I did something even crazier than a roller coaster. I went on a ride(dive devil) were you hang-glide, bungee jump and skydive at the same time. it was 15 stories up in the air and 60 mph I was terrified but I couldn’t pass up the chance.Afterward I wanted to do it again because it was so fun. My brother also did it he unfortunately didn’t like it as much as me. My brother, sister, mom,and dad had a great time as well and over all it was a great experience and I can’t wait to go again.


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