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Fashion Accessory | Socks In The Summer Is Back!!! | Blast From The Past

Fashion Accessory


After years of socklessness reigning supreme, something crucial has shifted in the fashion style universe. Because suddenly, ankles are no longer bare.This is the new summertime statement, socks and it’s time to embrace it because it is kinda of fly. I know you thinking why even layer anything in the summer especially socks, but socks is a way to just boost or juice your style.

Pairing cropped trousers, jeans, or even shorts with a pair of bold crew socks is a great way to do it. Everyone will get a glimpse of your new accessory (subtle stunt) plus, you’ll still have effective leg-area airflow. The look is really dope and nostalgic, because if you didn’t know this look was most perfected in the 90’s.


Socks are the cheapest thing to stunt in your style, you have to take advantage. My wife and I have had convo’s lately about socks or no socks and she still not buying the whole blast from the past thing lol. I’m personally happy to see this sock thing come back due to the fact it’s way more choices, styles, and brands then back then so ain’t no excuses of how to do it your way.

Even the big brand Vetements is taking the guesswork out of the trend and combining the best of all worlds with two – in-one-socks ankle boots. Socks and sandals are still not the thing to do, so don’t get no idea about that no time soon.

Now Overall if you not with the sock movement I hope this kinda change your mind or my wife mind either way it’s the new old cool and this time it might be here to stay.



Stay Positive!!!!!

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