Fall Look Series #2 | Date Night Comfy

Hey guys, welcome back to the 2018 fall look series. As August is in it’s final day you begin to wonder if you had an awesome summer or not.  You think about the travel you’ve done, the parks you’ve visited and the exciting restaurants you decided to take a chance on that you never tried. It’s all pretty cool but summer just isn’t long enough sometimes. However, fall brings a new start to the last quarter of the year and I absolutely love it. I mostly love the air and the way you can dress for fall. Layers on layers of clothes. Having all these layers will carry you throughout the day and into date night.

So, look #2 features leather jackets which are an essential for cooler weather. You can basically throw a leather jacket over a tank top and be fine. Here, as the woman, I also opted for a more comfortable shoe. As a girl that absolutely loves sneakers right now, I just can’t bear the idea of wearing heels or strappy sandals. Thus, we have the Converse classic sneaker. Its pairs so well with so many different looks.  The wrap dress is a steal from Forever 21. It’s long-sleeved but thin and sexy. Perfect for date night. In my opinion, the guys always have it easy. Nimo is wearing a stylish textured pair of jeans from Elwood Clothing and his city logo t-shirt is Forever 21. He styled this sexy look with Vans and I absolutely love the color.


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