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Dope Fashion Mention | Vintage Tees | Rap Tees Is Still The Best

Dope Fashion Mention




What were going to talk about today is Vintage tees, Vintage tees are that unique or classic tee that you love from back in the day or a classic era. Vintage tees are a staple when it comes to fashion for your wardrobe or closet and every mainstream store knows just that. You have to think about name a Target, Wal-Mart, or Forever 21 that don’t have a slew of T-shirts that we consider vintage.

When it comes to fashion and to be comfortable which I’m all about what else could you go to, these days it’s all about distressed jeans or jogging pants and what? you guessed tee’s but not just any tee vintage tees. So I know you thinking why are vintage tees so important in fashion, well fashion is all about self-expression and to express yourself in a dope way is the clothes you wear so wearing an old band or dope old school rapper or your favorite television show on a tee is all need to be said in a fashionable way.

We all know the big thing about the tees is the nostalgia that we all like to catch ever once in a while. This nostalgia has not only launch tees, but sneakers, leathers, jeans, jewelry, even houses has now days have nostalgia for those that like that throwback feel. So all in all vintage tees is a main piece to your style and grace and if you don’t have band vintage tees in your closet shame on because it’s all an investment when you can still resell for something that never gets old.

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