Who is Heather B Nyce?

I’m a St. Louis native, self published author and columnist, I fell in love with writing as a young girl. Throughout high school I joined multiple writing clubs and even the library club because I received free books that in turn increased creative writing skills.

Meanwhile, my passion for fashion on a budget and my self-taught makeup skills received great recognition from my peers and others. At one point I quit my full-time job in the medical field to pursue my interests in the fashion and beauty industry. I learned new makeup techniques and learned about contemporary fashions like DVF, Rebecca Minkoff, and Milly by Michelle.

My passion for writing continued though. I engulfed myself in the  hip hop culture, the music and eclectic styles of NY and LA and I was eager to know how it all worked behind the scenes.

My husband is a Chicago-born hip hop artist and I’ve been blessed to be behind the scenes as he grows his catalog, form new business partnerships and brands himself as the next best. Since he’s rising as a successful artist and entrepreneur, I felt the need to learn along-side with him what it takes to run a business and educate myself on the culture.

I’ve traveled cross-country for A&R meetings, managed artists, formed marketing plans, worked in public relations, and became brand ambassador for a few brands. I’ve even personally recorded as a featured artist. Now my current focus is on social media branding strategies for independent artists and small businesses. Let me help you grow to what you dream of becoming.

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