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Springtime is for Rompers

As I was ready to hit the town with the hubs this past weekend, my first thought as any woman would be, “what the hell do I wear?” Obviously, this is every woman’s problem when you’re thinking of leaving the house. But, romper to the rescue. LOL. How easy are rompers to throw on, right?… Read More Springtime is for Rompers

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Crop Tops and Jeans | Summer Ready

Hey guys. So, since entering my thirties, being a mother of three and no desire to work out what-so-ever, I’ve strictly avoided crop tops. And for good reason. I personally feel that I don’t have the flattest tummy to properly rock a crop top. But when I came across the perfect pair of high-waist skinny… Read More Crop Tops and Jeans | Summer Ready

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Leather and the Desert Photo shoot

Hey guys and Happy Easter. Today is a beautiful day so I decided to share with you a look I’ve been holding for a days.I kept it simple for this local photo shoot dawned in leather and sheer lace. If you know California, you know you don’t have to drive far for some desert scenery.… Read More Leather and the Desert Photo shoot

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Classy Laundry Photoshoot

Hey guys, so my partner in crime has been pushing and trying to get me to do a laundromat shoot for a few months now and I was just never ready. Then suddenly I was. I’m the type of person that has to feel the inspiration within myself vs someone trying to tell me the… Read More Classy Laundry Photoshoot

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Spring Lookbook!

Hey guys, As usual, its my duty to take advantage of a beautiful day is Southern California. And since the sun was shining so bright and the wind was blowing just right, that’s what my and my hubby did. We took advantage of the weather. Nimo offers a taste of men’s fashion in this video… Read More Spring Lookbook!

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Big Chop

Hey guys. Yes. I did it! I went through with the big chop. I’ve previously chopped my hair but not in like 4 years and I don’t remember being this short. But it’s so freeing and empowering. For me as an African-American woman to not be bound by the ties of my hair is revolutionary. In… Read More Big Chop

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Pink Casual Slay

Hey guys so I just wanted to stop by to give you the details on my soft pink Valentine’s day inspired look. first off lets talk about this blazer. It came from Forever 21 for only $5. ? Ikr. It wasn’t  marked for $5 but you know how you get to the register and they’re… Read More Pink Casual Slay

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Me, Denim and Him

Hello everyone. Today I wanted to talk about my denim on denim outfit. I decided to pair this with a nice side of husband…lol. We know by now I like to take advantage of the beautiful weather here in SoCal, however it was a particularly chilly day here for this outfit. But what do I… Read More Me, Denim and Him

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Interview with Painter & Designer Art Dojo International

I was granted the opportunity to interview one of the best fashion artists that I can personally say I’ve seen lately. He goes by the name of Art Dojo. For such raw and inspirational talent you wouldn’t believe me if I told you he hasn’t been doing this since childhood. As a matter of fact,… Read More Interview with Painter & Designer Art Dojo International

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Winter Lookbook | 3 casual slays Feat. Music by Nimo

Hey guys, check out my 3 looks for winter. Now keep in mind that I live in southern California so the weather is beautiful this time of year compared to other cities.  This is the first lookbook of many to come. I also had the pleasure to feature Nimo and his music during this shoot.… Read More Winter Lookbook | 3 casual slays Feat. Music by Nimo