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Beauty|Kicks|Art Presents: The Art Of Making Your Coffee At Home | Folgers Morning

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This is for all my coffee lovers, I know we love coffee on the go in the car or on the job and the first thing we think about is Starbucks! but I’m here to tell you no and save a little bit of cash. My wife and I love to get our day started with a cup of Joe but just not any Joe the one and only Folgers Black Silk.

Now this is for real coffee drinkers get your weight up. This is a dark coffee that we need to get our day started everyday, there’s no cons, all pros to making coffee at home I mean you save money, you make the biggest cup in history, free refills, no customer lines, coffee in the bed or on the run all up to you, it’s an art to making this dark coffee tho,


  1. Make sure your coffee pot is clean!
  2. Make sure your filter clean!
  3. Pour water in pot between 4 to 8 oz. for two or more cups
  4. Pour 3 to 6 small cups of coffee in filter for a more premium taste
  5. Add choice of cream first! then pour desire amount of hot coffee (No stir)
  6. Enjoy and drink responsibly

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