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Beauty|Kicks|Art Presents: Is The Adidas Wave Over? | My A-D-I-D-A-S!!!!!

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This week is about a great question that nobody I see ask, and that is the Adidas wave over? in my honest humble opinion as of right now Yes! and the reason why because Nike has turned the heat all the way up on the three strips company. I mean we as a culture have to be real about this besides Kanye sneakers, no one is checking for Adidas and to be honest and give a little bit of marketing advice Stop! over producing sneakers that you feel sells. When you over produce sneakers as much Adidas has over the last 3 to 4 years the consumer gets tired of a brand initially they wasn’t supporting.

Let’s be real no one was rocking Adidas until Kanye West made the jump to the company from their biggest competition and that is Nike. The brand Nike and Jordan is smothering Adidas by giving the oldest to the youngest the nostalgia that we all want and that’s Jordan’s and Nike’s from the 80’s until the 2000’s. It will be extremely tough for Adidas from now, and my wife and I are Adidas rockers but been uninterested for a year or so now. Adidas company take this advice give new creators like myself up there and it might start to make sense, shameless plug I know but the people you have up there now are giving you old ideas about the culture. I still love Adidas just want to see more of an a nostalgia feel to the brand and then the tides may turn.

Stay Positive!!!!

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