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Art Piece Friday | Virgil Abloh – Designer/DJ & His Off-White Brand | Leading Urban Fashion

Welcome to Art Piece Friday…….

This week is all about Virgil Abloh and his Off-White brand that has taken over the urban fashion culture for a couple of years now. Virgil parents born in Ghana but raised him in my hometown of Chicago, Illinois where he earned his masters in architecture. Mr. Abloh, djing and creating fashion and what I consider art forward pieces has hit it big with the Off – White brand and I don’t see it slowing down no time soon.


The brand is recreating every shoe known to man, starting it off with the brand Jordan 1’s and other brand of shoes we all loved growing up. Virgil is changing the sneaker culture and what the world has known to be normal, and as a creator myself I love it. Once known to just be Kanye West friend, has carved his own lane of sneakers and clothes that’s leading the millennials to think outside the box. I usually tell you guys about the pricing of these products we talk about every Friday but between Virgil and Kanye hard work and influence we gonna only be wearing Off -White or Yezzy shouldnt be hard to find or buy mark my words.


See next Friday, no Ice Cube.



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