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Art Piece Friday | The Top 5 Summer Sneaker Rotation For Sneaker Head Couples | The Art Of Matching The Feet For The Summer

Art Piece Friday

This week we going to the discuss the top 5 sneakers you and your significant other should be matching in rotation this summer. It have always been an art to coordinate with your spouse but how and what? Well this where we come in let’s get into it.

  1. Nike Air Huarache Zip – Yellow/Black

Why this sneaker? well this sneaker is a comfortable feet, not to heavy and a low cut to fit for the summer. No matter the fit as a couple this sneaker will be all eyes.

2. Adidas Stan Smith – Green/White

Why this sneaker? This sneaker believe or not is the holy grail of the Adidas culture, you should have a pair of these just cause. But as far as a couple this pair of sneaker go with everything, classic look and comfortable without over doing it.

3. Jordan 6’s – Infrared/Black

Why this sneaker? Jordan 6’s need I say more, dope aesthetic besides it being a Jordan collectible and the most sort after sneaker. This summer you and your love can take a nostalgic path down memory lane and feel like kids again, just a little older but a lot flyer.

4. Don C. Legacy 312 Jordan – Blue/Red

Why this sneaker? now I know this might be a little bias but I’m a Chicago kid that support Chicago ish sometimes, but this sneaker is a dope sneaker to have in the summer. It gives you the Nike throwback vibes in the future feel, a couple with these joints some comfortable shorts or pants, fashionable cool look even if the weather’s not.

5. Jordan 1’s – Black/Red

Why this sneaker? well this another sort after sneaker in the Jordan collection but this pair is most worn pair in the world. Jordan 1’s is that type of urban high end sneaker no matter the color you need, to bring flavor to your summer and couple, I know this, you guys go out in these together and no one would never not think you a sneaker head with style.

Happy Summer

See you next Friday, no Ice Cube

Stay Positive!!!

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