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Art Piece Friday | The Source Magazine – Hip-Hop Culture| 5 Mic’s In The Source!

Welcome to Art Piece Friday….

This week is all about The Source Magazine and it’s influence on Hip-Hop culture, This iconic magazine was started in New York City around 1990. Now let’s fast forward to when the culture got hip around the the time Benzino took over in the early 2000’s, this magazine was the literally the main source before the internet got popping. You can think of every rapper from the game new to old was on the cover of this mag.

If you never read this magazine you really missing out, and let’s not stop there if that wasn’t enough dope ish The Source Magazine creates the Source Awards that give a platform for all artist mostly that made the cover which seem to me, everyone.

Today’s owner Londell McMillan which was a former lawyer and one of Prince’s best friends is bringing the magazine back! in a big way and I’m personally happy to see this iconic place of hip-hop back on the market.

See you next Friday, no Ice Cube

Stay Positive!!!!!

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