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Art Piece Friday | The Rezvani Tank | Jeep Wrangler

Welcome to Art Piece Friday….


This week is all about The Rezvani Tank, Jeep Wrangled and yes it is a Jeep. The jeep is designed by an independent California car maker, unlimited with a hemisphere swap and a body that looks like it should be in the background of a movie like “Dark Knight” . This tank has many options like Ballistic Armor, Military Glass, Kevlar protected fuel tank, Tow hitch, Front- mounted winch, closing side steps, night vision and many more if you want to be here all day.


This tank is the most Dopest and over the the top design at the same time. The first time I personally saw this The Rezvani Tank was when Jaimie Foxx had it DTLA at a nightclub, sick! This for sure is an Art Piece because other than “The Hummers” we haven’t seen anything close, other than a real military tank.


Now the big question is how much something like this will cost you and the answer is…… around $178,000 to $260,000 depending what all you want in this tank. When I get that type of money in the near future I might cop, just to be different because you want see this just rolling down your street or maybe you will either way dope design of a Tank!


See you next Friday, no Ice Cube

Stay Positive!!


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