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Art Piece Friday| The Golden State Warriors Reversible Rings| The Champs

Welcome to Art Piece Friday…….


This week is all about the Golden State Warriors and their reversible rings, Golden State has the first Reversible Championship rings designed by Jason Arasheben of Beverly Hills California. Like come on, ring with a reversible face, that’s historic!


The designer was quoted “I felt like the entire championship ring industry as a whole got a bit mundane, boring, tacky and traditional”. After about 12 to 14 reversible prototypes, he found the one that was implemented. But there was a catch: Arasheben claims he surprised the franchise with his innovation.


I personally think this is incredible, because for the art and creative sake designers are starting to swag it up a little. I feel before now no one ever cared about the design just the ring and even tho the ring is super important in any sport it’s nice to see the art behind it also, very dope! (Pics and video below)


See you next Friday, no Ice Cube

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