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Art Piece Friday | Teyana Taylor “Gonna Love Me” Remix Video | 90’s Nostalgia Vibes

Art Piece Friday

This week APF goes to Teyana Taylor and her dope, dope, dope video “Gonna Love Me” Remix featuring Hip- Hop hero’s from Wu- Tang Meth, Raekwon & Ghostface. Teyana’s album K.T.S.E (keep that same energy) was overall dope but this video is an art piece from beginning to end. This version builds upon the original, with the rappers even responding to the questions Taylor poses throughout. Smooth promises of “Street Vows” and other romantic gestures seamlessly cut between the verses and chorus.

The style of this video just take you back to those that’s old enough, 90’s Hip – Hop cool summer’s of Mecca gear & and all white Air force 1 Hi’s. Her being signed to G.O.O.D Music maybe had a had a hand in the creative side to this video, not to not give her the credit but that side of the music industry is very creative in Ye’s voice lol.

I know why even call this an art piece right? This is what video’s suppose be when you pushing a single, you have to give the consumer the vibes off what you you’re actually singing or rapping about. You have to understand music isn’t anything other than scores to your life motion picture.

Mary J. Blige & Method man vibes with more Wu-Tang members all day. Even Raekwon (the chef) delivers a verse on the Kanye West produced beat, but the chef actually isn’t featured in the remix’s visual. This is a respectable art piece, it has all the hypebeast shit from the 90’s, fashion, style, and no social media, you may not think so now but the way music and visuals changing for the worst, you will later dope job Teyana and team!

See you next Friday, no Ice Cube

Stay Positive!!!!!!

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