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Art Piece Friday | Sneaker Vending Machine | How Lucky Are You?

Welcome to Art Piece Friday…….


This week is all about the sneaker vending machines, getting your hands on some hyped sneakers can now be about luck of the draw or the key lock. The rise of these machines taps into the heart of the 80’s kids who used to hang out where the arcades used to be. The sneaker vending machine is a novelty now, the art of this game is between the sneaker lover/gamer vibe that reward you with some of the most hypebeast sneakers out at the moment.


The first time I seen this game it actually blew my mind not because of the sneakers but the genius of whoever created this game of $5 dollars at a time to win a possible $2,000 Sneaker. The first sneaker store to have this vending was a store in Las Vegas, NV named “Urban Necessities”.


How could you not love this machine full of dopeness for $5 dollars, it’s art to me and when I get my mansion I might put this machine in the house just for fun, trully hypebeast dope!


See you next, Friday no Ice Cube

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