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Art Piece Friday | See-through Barber Cape | Solving All Texting Problems

Welcome to Art Piece Friday……

This week is all about the see-through Barber Cape, now I know we could be a little late but late is better than never. There are many inconveniences people face at the Barber Shop, let’s face it, mostly know days is the fact you really can’t see or use your phone comfortably while getting your hair cut.  Well all is good now with the cape with the see-through circle is a jackpot! pure creative solving to the fullest.


In 2005 a similar image was posted to Reddit with the caption, “My barber got new capes so you can text while getting a haircut”. The company iCapes is the one that started this craze on Kickstarter.


This is an odd art piece but never the less still art to me because of the creative mindset and problem solving the creators came up with. This is an item that expands zero human interactions because you never have to put your phone away again, right up plenty of people alley, and pretty dope at a price of $3 – $13 Dollars. (pics below)


See you next Friday, no Ice Cube


Stay Positive!!!



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