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Art Piece Friday | Round Two Founder – Sean Wotherspoon & His Design Of The Nike Air Max 97′

Welcome to Art Piece Friday….

Sean Wotherspoon has hit it big with a design of his own and the collaboration with Nike. Mr. Wotherspoon boasting a vibrantly colored Air Max 97 upper on an Air Max 1 sole, pull tabs, removable insoles with the smiley face on the heel is a big deal right now in sneaker culture. Sean won a contest to design the shoe last year on the famous Nike Air Max “Vote Forward” contest. This sneaker dropped last year in some exclusive places but it’s back for Round 2 no pun intended lol, and we all want in.

This sneaker is crazy dope and to design this colorway with confidence shows exactly why he won the contest. This multi colored sneaker is art at it’s finest, the shoe just says “look at me I’m confident and stylish” and I feel all creators need a pair. The Air Max dropped last year but now is about to drop globally this March 2018, last year when they exclusively dropped the asking price was around $1,100.00 dollars and I hope it drops to around $160.00 dollars this March either way I have to cop and you should too.


See you next Friday, no Ice Cube

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