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Art Piece Friday| Off-White Converse Chuck Taylor| Virgil Abloh – Limited Edition

Welcome to Art Piece Friday…….


                                          This week is all about Virgil Abloh Off- White Converse Chuck Taylor’s, This time Virgil is lending his special touch Converse Chuck 70. A new black and white take complete with plenty of striking appeal. Abloh signature Helvetica branding on the medial sides adds to his brilliance of recreating this sneaker.




This sneaker is defiantly an art piece because I’m pretty sure with these on your feet people are going ton stare and ask the most famous sneaker question, “where you get those from and how much” if you haven’t been hip these dropped in October of 2018 and was going for $130 and I hate I missed them.




See you next Friday, no Ice Cube

Stay Positive!!!!!!!

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