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Art Piece Friday | Nikko Hurtado & His Realism Of Tattoos | Tattoo Artist

Welcome to Art Piece Friday……


This week is all about Nikko Hurtado and his tattoos, Mr. Hurtado began tattooing in 2002 and eventually opening his own shop in 2010 named “Black Anchor Collective” in Hesperia, California. Mr. Hurtado also being born and raised in San Fernando, California and opening up a second shop on Melrose in Los Angeles, California feels like he’s definitely keeping it west coast.


The work he does is truly art in a real state, I mean when you go get tattoos does it suppose to look that real! and if I have to say that then he’s doing an incredible job in his craft. It’s definitely some tatts that you will never regret, dope, dope job and since we’re in the same town I will be taking a visit, you should too.



See you next Friday, no Ice Cube

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