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Art Piece Friday | Mimi Choi | Makeup Artist Illusionist

Welcome to Art Piece Friday…..


This week is all about artist Mimi Choi a 31 year old makeup artist from Vancouver, Canada who creates these jaw dropping illusions on herself that’s completely insane.


She has recently been going viral on the “gram” with some of her most Dopest illusions. Now I wouldn’t call her, a normal makeup artist due to the fact she actually use paint bruses for most of her work but she have makeup utensils in her stash that she can create with also. Ms. Choi a former teacher who took classes at Blanche Macdonald, a local beauty school to learn her craft that in my book took it above and beyond to say the least.


She often get her inspirations from her surroundings and I most say she must be around some pretty dope, exciting, and interesting places to come up with the art that she does.  Doing makeup for three years, this is art to the 3rd degree! Excellent job at pushing her craft to it’s limits. (See some of these incredible looks @ the bottom of this article wow!!)


See you next Friday, no Ice Cube

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